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Need a little more power to get you through your day? Blenderz Smoothie and Yogurt Bar sells natural energy drinks that can provide the extra oomph you need. Instead of grabbing a can of who-knows-what full of ingredients you can't even pronounce, you're getting an all-natural energy boost made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Our refreshers, or quenchers, are a healthier alternative to canned energy drinks.

You can also get infused lemonades available in strawberry, peach mango, shandy with a twist or kiwi pineapple.

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Power up with one of our energy drinks

You can try a lotus energy drink to get your blood pumping. These come in five flavors: Aquamarine, Water Berry Breeze, Summer Lovin', Ultra Violet And Shark Bait. We also offer sparkling lotus energy drinks.

Our lotus energy drinks are all plant-based and made with:

  • Elite botanicals
  • Super fruits
  • Amino acids
  • Caffeine from green coffee beans
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